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Hi, I’m Dr. Richard!

Podcast host, serial entrepreneur, and lifelong breaker of rules.

Everything changed when I broke my spine in a life-altering car accident.

I became filled with guilt for my superficial lifestyle. (I was kind of a self-centered jerk before.) And I began to question my life purpose.

Are you ready to unlock your potential, make a meaningful impact, and find true fulfillment in life?

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There is incredible potential that lies within each and every one of us to create positive change in our lives (and the lives of others) while achieving our dreams.

Discover the Power of You:

I am driven by the purpose of unlocking this power and helping others realize their full potential.

As a clinical psychologist, I’m passionate about helping others transform their lives because I’ve experienced the Power of You first-hand.

And now I want to help you too.

Together, we'll unlock the power within you through personal development grounded in neuroscience.

You'll discover your true potential, overcome obstacles, and achieve extraordinary results.

I believe in your untapped potential and will provide genuine support, inspiration, and practical tools to unleash the power of you.

Break free from limiting beliefs, tap into your inner strength, and live your most epic life!

From “successful” and unfulfilled to finding my purpose:

How a car crash and a broken spine changed my whole life.

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