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My mission is to help people discover their purpose and passion in life, and to empower them to pursue those passions with confidence and purpose.

Whether you're an individual looking to find fulfillment in your personal life or an entrepreneur seeking to achieve balance and success in your business endeavors, I'm here to help you achieve your goals.

Through my platform, you will find the tools and strategies necessary to help you overcome obstacles, cultivate a success mindset, and create a life that's both financially rewarding and personally fulfilling.

Together, we can work to help you achieve the life you've always dreamed of.

My experience in business leadership, psychology and technology has allowed me to develop a set of powerful tools that can help individuals and entrepreneurs alike to unlock their full potential.

By leveraging psychology, neuroscience, and personal development, I can help you to achieve greater levels of success in all areas of your life.

For entrepreneurs, my focus is on helping you to achieve true freedom - freedom from the grind of endless work, and freedom to spend your time in ways that truly matter to you.

By implementing my proven strategies, you can work less, make more, and have the time and resources to pursue your passions and live life on your own terms.

Whether you're an entrepreneur looking to take your business to the next level, or an individual seeking greater fulfillment in your personal life, I'm here to help you achieve your goals and unlock your full potential while making the world a better place in the process!

About my TED Talk

About my TED Talk

Being able to inspire people was so exciting to me.

I had already started seeing the impact that was possible through my podcast and I had just started speaking from the stage which was a whole different experience.

I felt like doing a TED Talk could have an enormous impact and reach people who may not listen to podcasts.

It wasn’t long after I really started to give this consideration that TEDx UCSD reached out to me and asked me to apply to speak.

Their theme was “rebooting your life” and this was the perfect forum to tell my car accident story as well as discuss the science of altruism.

I was so excited!

Then, COVID happened and I got an email of course that the TED event was being shut down.

I was so bummed but things always happen for a reason.

Some months later, I was told that we were going to be the first virtual TED event although all the speakers had only two weeks to write and film their talks!

Below is my talk and I’m honored to share it with you

I have to admit it is pretty wild seeing twenty years of your life condensed into 11 minutes and those were a pretty crazy two weeks but I’m happy with how it turned out and hope that you enjoy it and gain something valuable as well:

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Clients and Rave Reviews

"I recently had the privilege of hearing Dr. Richard Shuster speak at an event.

What I really appreciated was his ability to connect with the audience and explain what could be so complex is such simple ways that made sense! Knowing that the content was researched and evidence-based was a game-changer for me.

Dr. Shuster’s energy was bounding and his humor binding! He comes alive in front of his audiences delivering impactful messages, backed with the science in the most meaningful of ways.

Thank you, Dr. Shuster for sharing your experience and stories with us.

We left feeling informed and entertained!”

– Sajel Bellon Ed.D., RP., CTSS

“Dr. Shuster has researched what it means to experience and overcome fear.

In fact, you can actually track your fear.

Looking at instances that cause fear, the feelings and thoughts you experience, and the actions you take, will help you better understand your fear.

With this in mind, Dr. Shuster wants us to know that we can rewire our approach.

And it all starts with the mindset, how we speak to ourselves and the language we surround ourselves with.

Our brain is wired to connect to things that are familiar and when we focus on something our brain will get us there.

Start by unfollowing the negativity (yes, even negative people on your social media) so you can start focusing on the positive messages.”

– Amanda Nachman, Motivational Speaker and CEO of College Magazine

“Dr. Shuster is awesome to work with from an event producer’s point of view.

He’s flexible,

he’s prepared,

he’s on point,

and he connects with the crowd.

On a personal level I’ve had the pleasure of working with Dr. Shuster across the country on numerous occasions including my own personal event in Chicago.

He’s an amazing presenter and his content is always evolving and he’s always on point.”

– Carey Smolensky, President/CEO of CSP Worldwide Event Management

Dr. Richard's Signature Talks

The Neuroscience Behind Overcoming Fear:

What your brain is telling you when you’re stuck in fight or flight mode.

The Science of Fear

How our environment (relationships/technology) increase fear

Actionable strategies to overcome fear and take control of your life

Science of Serendipity:

Not allowing the word “No” to be your final destination.

His son’s survival story

The neuroscience of serendipity

Applying this science in your life to create miracles

Mission Driven Purpose:

The science behind finding your why and how it leads to a more fulfilling life.

His near-death experience and how it helped him find purpose

The neuroscience of purpose

Actionable strategies to find your path

The Science of Helping Others:

Using your gifts to make the world a better place.

His near-death experience which shifted his focus to helping others

The neuroscience of helping others

Ways to change your life by discovering your greatest talents

The Neuroscience of Work-Life Balance: Finding Harmony in a Busy World:

How to achieve balance and success in an increasingly insane world.

The importance of work-life balance for mental and physical health

The neuroscience behind work-life balance and why it's challenging

Strategies for achieving work-life balance based on neuroscience research


  • Understanding the brain's response to stress and the impact on work-life balance
  • The role of sleep in work-life balance and tips for improving sleep hygiene
  • The neuroscience of decision-making and how it affects work-life balance
  • The power of mindfulness and meditation in promoting work-life balance
  • The impact of technology on work-life balance and how to manage it effectively
  • The role of social connections in work-life balance and how to cultivate them

What Attendees Will Take Away

Attendees will learn actionable strategies to improve their businesses and their lives as Dr. Richard interweaves humor, science, impactful stories, and communicates this information in a highly digestible format that is easy to understand irrespective of background or level of education.

Meet Dr. Richard Shuster

Dr. Richard Shuster (pronounced SHOE-STIR) is a clinical psychologist, philanthropist, and CEO of Your Success Insights, which through predictive algorithms helps individuals, corporations, and athletes achieve balance, embrace differences, and achieve peak performance.

He is also the host of The Daily Helping with Dr. Richard Shuster: Food for the Brain, Knowledge from the Experts, Tools to Win at Life which is regularly downloaded in over 150 countries.

Dr. Shuster’s clinical expertise and podcast have been featured in such publications as The Huffington Post, Women’s Health, Inc.,, Men’s Health, Cosmopolitan, and others.

He is also the co-founder of Perfect Stories, a cause-marketing-centered app which helps families safely and securely preserve their legacies for future generations.

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