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342. Unlocking Your Intuitive Power in Health and Life with Dr. Veronica Anderson

the daily helping podcast Jan 01, 2024

Dr. Veronica Anderson's journey from a traditional eye surgeon to an intuitive healer represents a bold integration of scientific rigor with holistic intuition. Her transition from conventional medicine to embracing her innate intuitive abilities marks a significant turn in her career, offering a more comprehensive approach to health and wellness.

Initially hesitant, Dr. Anderson's personal challenges, including a struggle with depression and a knee injury, prompted her to explore her psychic skills. This exploration led to a profound realization: health transcends physical boundaries, intertwining deeply with our emotional and spiritual well-being. Dr. Anderson's intuitive insights complement her medical expertise, creating a unique holistic practice that addresses the complexities of human health.

Her innovative method, the "Respect Method," detailed in her book "Get the Respect You Deserve," is a testament to her commitment to holistic healing. This systematic approach empowers individuals to be seen and heard, both in their personal lives and professional spheres. The method's components - Reflect, Evaluate, Surrender, Pause, Elevate, Commit, and Trust - serve as pillars for self-improvement and empowerment.

Dr. Anderson's work with human design further enhances her holistic approach. By understanding one's spiritual DNA, individuals can embark on a journey of self-discovery and align their lives more closely with their true selves. This approach has been transformative for many, offering a new perspective on personal growth and fulfillment.

Dr. Anderson's story is a beacon for those seeking a more integrated approach to health, encouraging us to trust our intuition and embrace our innate abilities. Her journey underscores the potential within each of us to foster a more balanced, healthier life by tapping into our intuitive powers and understanding our deeper selves.


The Biggest Helping: Today’s Most Important Takeaway

“Learn to trust your gut – then trust it.”




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Dr. Veronica Anderson: 

Learn to trust your gut and then trust it.

Dr. Richard Shuster: 

Hello and welcome to The Daily Helping with Dr. Richard Shuster, food for the brain, knowledge from the experts, tools to win at life. I'm your host, Dr. Richard. Whoever you are, wherever you're from, and whatever you do, this is the show that is going to help you become the best version of yourself. 

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Thanks for tuning into this episode of The Daily Helping Podcast. I'm your host, Dr. Richard. And we have a fascinating and brilliant guest to share with you today. Her name is Dr. Veronica Anderson. She is a multifaceted entrepreneur, author, and holistic health care expert. 

She's also a Colby certified consultant and human design coach with a wealth of knowledge and experience. Her entrepreneurial ventures have spanned multiple industries, including healthcare, real estate, e-commerce, and auto exportation. She's passionate about holistic medicine and personal growth and leverages her medical expertise and intuitive understanding of instincts and intuition to advance the understanding of the human body and mind. 

She's the author of four books on holistic medicine and personal growth, which have been featured in practically every major media outlet you can imagine. She's been a guest on multiple TV shows, radio shows, and hosted her own podcast. She's here with us today to talk about her newest book, Get the Respect You Deserve, Seven Secrets to Getting Seen and Heard in Your Job and Relationships. We're going to have fun today. Dr. Veronica, welcome to The Daily Helping. It is awesome to have you with us today. 

Dr. Veronica Anderson: 

I'm so happy to be here, Dr. Richard. And I'm looking forward to what you have to ask me. So zing it on. 

Dr. Richard Shuster: 

Zing it on. Okay. So here's the first one, because I love to know. You're a medical intuitive and you're an actual doctor, which those two typically are not chocolate and peanut butter right there at odds with each other, diametrically opposed things. So, let's jump in the Dr. Veronica time machine and talk to us about what puts you on the path you are on today. 

Dr. Veronica Anderson: 

Wow. I was forced onto it. I want to say forced on in that, yes, I am a traditionally trained MD. I was an eye surgeon with my own practice, and I ended up burning out. Now, I'm going around seeing, have double digit thousands of patients and I loved my patients. I hated the practice of medicine because all the morass that goes on with the backend business part of medicine. I've always been holistically minded, and wellness minded, even when I was practicing conventional medicine. 

So one day I got really, I got super depressed. I became depressed and burnt out. And one day I just walked away and said, I'm never doing this again. But I didn't tell my office that or anything of that, but I walked out because I was clinically depressed. This was even before I had a formal diagnosis. And I started realizing that what was happening is I wasn't really doing what I felt I should do or being who I know I should be. And the undercurrent of this all is at the same time, I'm realizing that there's information that I know and I can perceive that there's no logical answer to this. 

So, I am in a conservative medical environment where if it's not case controlled, double blind, retrospective study, it doesn't exist, and we shouldn't be using it. Yet, I could diagnose things that everybody else couldn't and the doctors will call me up and say, how did you figure that out? And of course, I could go in my left brain and explain how I got the answer, but I really knew that when the person walked into office and I looked at him, I'm like, the words would come in or signs would come in that would allow me to know what was going on well enough to be able to help the person. And then the academic side of me could explain it to everybody else as to why I got the answer. 

And I'm going to tell you also, if you've ever met a really brilliant doctor that people say, oh, my God, they just know everything. A lot of times they're doing this, and they just don't call it that. But I didn't know what was going on at that time. And I was shying away from it because it wasn't just happening in a medical atmosphere that I would know these things and I was scared to death to tell people that I was having these experiences, but it caught up with me. 

And one day I got depressed. I ended up having a gigantic injury, my left knee. I had -- I was working with a spiritual advisor at that time. And he said to me, you have all these intuitive gifts and the reason why you have hurt yourself in this particular way is because you are not using them. 

And another woman who had done what's called a scientific hand analysis on me, she said, you have five, you have eight gift markings in your hands. This is what you're saying. It's not palm reading, scientific hand analysis, Jane Sanders. I'm going to tell you who she is because she's brilliant. Five of them are intuitive and most people don't have any gift markets. You have eight of them, but five of them are intuitive. If you're not doing something with that, you are not on your master path in life.

And then another thing happened. I went to an entrepreneurial conference. I sat down at the table with a bunch of women. Across the table of one of the businesses was a woman who was a practicing psychic out there and everything like this. And we'd never met before. She looked at me and said, you have visions. You're really good at this. I can tell. And that's what she said to me, and she was staring at me. And I was like, because she called me out. And this is not something I'd ever verbalize to anybody. But you realize when you do have intuitive gifts, you start to know each other. You start to be able to tell who's who. You can walk down the street and you'll be like, that person -- you know the energy. Okay. Because we all read energy. 

So to make the short in the line, I decided I had to go out there and offer this as a service because my business coach, when I told her about this on the side said, oh my God, she's the one that told me I was a medical intuitive. I didn't have a name for it because I was realizing I could tell what was wrong with people. And she said, you can help so many people with this. I was scared, but I decided to go out and do it and realize that, oh my gosh, this is transformative. It just flows from me. And people are so grateful for that. When I give them the information, I'm going to do this. And I don't care what other people say, I'm not here to try to evangelize and make you into a believer, but people who want help, they will find me, and I will give them help.

And that's what has happened in that I've done health coaching with people, and it will morph into what's going on underlying their health condition. They'll start out with traditional, holistic health coaching, and it ends up being also a spiritual journey for them. I've worked with other health care practitioners who want to change their life and they can't figure out why am I having struggle, what should I do? This is what led to the last book. I've had people who have -- they come for one reason, and they end up, I'm having a relationship issue and the relationship issue could be, I'm really struggling with my boss or with other colleagues, or I'm struggling with a romantic relationship or a family member.

And I started realizing that the type of coaching I was giving the people, it was all a process and a system as to how to get results. And so over the years, that's how I got to book number four with my respect method. So I went through my own pains, including physical difficulties. I worked with clients where at first it was just supposed to be like sort of holistic health type things that were on the open up. But it turned into when you get with somebody who becomes your client, they start to trust you and they give you information about the rest of their life. And because I'm intuitive, I'll get a hit and be able to ask a question to help get them to what they need inside of them. And so that's a little bit about how I got where I am. 

Dr. Richard Shuster: 

You know, it's so fascinating, Dr. Veronica, because in my discipline, if somebody were to walk into my office and start telling me they're seeing energy fields and communicating with dead people, you immediately go to this person's psychotic, right, schizophrenia. And so the western side of the brain, or excuse me, the western side of medicine hammers into you, it has to fit into a box where there's real no answer for it. 

You are a surgeon, right? I mean, there's nothing more western medicine than surgery, right? It's cut. It's fixed. It's so back up and move on. And so I'm curious. I know you didn't have the words for these things, but was there a part of you that had difficulty reconciling, my God, I'm trained, I'm a physician, I went to medical school and I'm a psychic now. Like, did you struggle kind of integrating those two pieces initially?

Dr. Veronica Anderson: 

Yeah, that's why I got became depressed. This is why 10 years ago, I had a major injury because I couldn't reconcile.

Dr. Richard Shuster:

Couldn’t reconcile.

Dr. Veronica Anderson: 

And the people who were in my life at that time were not people I could even get information from about what was going on. I was scared to talk about it. Just think about it. You get to a medical conference, nobody's talking. Well, people talk about these things more. There's more research and everything about that now if you go and look at it. And there are things like prayer studies. People are more interested in this now. Okay. 

When I was doing it before, it was considered whack a doodle and woo woo. Now, I'm not total -- but when you come across, I don't walk into places -- we had a little bit this off time. I don't walk into places and tell people this is what happening. Part of it is knowing where to say things or not say things. See what I'm saying? So when people walk in and they meet me, they don't know that -- they know I'm Dr. Veronica Anderson and they're impressed with that. They don't know I'm a psychic. They don't need to know I'm a psychic. 

Now, if they look me up, they'll see that that's part of me because I don't hide it at all. At this point in time, I don't hide it. Back then I hid it because I was scared to death. I was scared of who I was. And that's how I wrote a book about getting seen and heard. You got to reconcile who you really are with yourself. And that's what I had to do with myself that I help other people do. So it was scary. And I realize now, okay, there are people -- now, let me just tell you, my background at Princeton was in neuroscience. I had that background. All right. 

So there are people who there's a mental illness going on that is different than somebody who is an intuitive. Now, you can have both together. You could have mental illness in somebody who's an intuitive and that's very confusing because you'll meet people who seem to be mentally ill and be right on with their intuitive hits. And so it's very disconcerting because you think the person's crazy, but then they'll tell you something about you or somebody you know that is so accurate that it will really catch you off guard. Right. 

But it also catches people off guard that how can this Ivy League educated doctor go there. And I go there because it helps so many people. There is going to be somebody who's going to listen to your podcast who has said something that's strange, rare, and peculiar that their doctors cannot get an answer to. And they've done everything right. They followed it to a T because they're obsessive compulsive and they want to heal. And yet, things are still not going right and seem to be going even more wrong. Not just are they going wrong in one area. They keep spiraling. So what do I do? 

And that's where people like medical intuitives come in because they are able to see something, feel, touch something different. So it is on purpose that the universe made me an eye surgeon who became a clairvoyant. I was always clairvoyant. I took on the profession as an eye surgeon. Now, when I was having clairvoyant, it means my intuitive sense of seeing. Clairvoyant. Clair is a French word, it's clear seeing. Clairvoyant is a French word by the way. We talked about me being in East France. So that intuitive sense of seeing that we all have these intuitive senses, but they're not well developed because we don't exercise it. It's like a muscle. So the more I exercise the muscle, the stronger that it gets, right? 

So it's on purpose that I was an eye surgeon that could operate on people's physical eyes and help them see clearly. And now I can help people see clearly things about their spirit and soul that they wouldn't normally do. So I think it goes together quite well. 

Dr. Richard Shuster: 

As you describe it now, and I know that you obviously have embraced both sides of you in the present. But you did a wonderful job describing and reconciling that discrepancy early on because yeah, you can't -- I'm sure you wouldn't wander down the halls of Princeton during one's medical school training and talk about all of your psychic abilities. So, but I do want to transition a bit. You kind of set the table for this. Dr Veronica. You've created a methodology, which you describe in your newest book, 7 Secrets, Getting Seen and Heard in Your Job and Relationships. Let's take a dive into the book.

Dr. Veronica Anderson: 

So, the Seven Secrets is RESPECT, the RESPECT method. And each of the letters stands for a piece of the process. So I am, in the background, have scientific training on processes and things like that. So just automatically I wanted a system and a process that people could go through and then go back to. I want to organize. All right. So, the RESPECT method is how you get seen and heard. 

And basically, you have to learn how to respect yourself, but how do you do that? People talk about respect all the time. What does that mean? And how do you get it and get there without being a big B, right? B for, you know the rest of the word, especially women. Right? 

So, R, reflect, take radical responsibility and reframe. You have to -- here's where I am, I know that -- take the responsibility that you got there that because you have chosen this path in life, whether it's positive or negative, and now you have to reframe it so you could tell a different story about it.

E is for evaluate your beliefs. We all have beliefs, pretty much that we got from other people. So you have to decide, what are my beliefs? And which one am I going to keep because they serve me and I want them part of me and which am I going to throw away? 

S is my most fun step. That's surrender to your spirit. I say that's the most fun step because this is the step where you really learn how you are authentically you. This is where I help people with -- and I use tools like the Colby index. I'm a Colby certified consultant you said, that teaches you about your instinct. Your instincts is how you take action. It's part of your mind and your brain, the cognitive part of your brain. So you have thinking, feeling, doing. 

Colby index is the one that tests or assesses the doing part of your mind. And it's how you take action naturally. Colby index. I'm putting it out there. So you get like, how do I actually do things? It's part of your instinct. Then there's your intuition and also your life purpose and destiny. And everybody wants to know why am I here? What am I supposed to be doing? And the tool I use for that is human design so that you can see what is your spiritual DNA. And I call it the spiritual DNA because your spiritual DNA is as unique as your physical DNA.

Dr. Richard Shuster: 

So, let's go deeper into that. You mentioned human design. So, talk -- give us human design 101 and how do we specifically get our spiritual DNA?

Dr. Veronica Anderson: 

Okay. So human design is 1 of the energetic systems that combines other systems together. And it's so fascinatingly accurate that when you get it, you're like, how did you get those answers? So it combines and it's not a one for one, chakra system, Kapala, neutral, like the physics type stuff. And actually somebody won a Nobel prize for the physics part of this, which is they don't say it's human design, but the guy rah, who downloaded this talked about this and then years later, somebody verified that this truly is something. Okay. 

So it's an energetic system. Also, astrology, it has to do with your natal chart and how the planets are moving. So it's one of those, what most people would consider woo woo systems. And because of the way I'm designed, I'm able to give you that information, not just say, here's your chart and say a bunch of woo woo stuff for you. But part of me is being able to give a practical explanation and solution to here it is and here's how you use it. Okay. And that's why I use it because it's just so unique and has so much information in it. 

No, Colby, well researched testing that part of your mind. Human design still at the point where we haven't gotten there yet because a lot of times these things, like things that Einstein said, we're just starting to learn how to research it and do it years between when these things come out. But I have found that putting these things together and helping people understand them allows them to be like, yeah, that makes sense. That resonates me. You're right on. It's so accurate. It gives people a construct on how to understand their life, how to understand where they are and some tools to be able to use that. So you don't just use it in isolation. 

Notice, I'm putting it in the middle of other things. So, but you go forward, you have it. I offer it. When I do this, I offer it to the audience. I do free human designs for people. You can go get it anyway on any of these sites. But when I send it back to you, after doing it, I send you a video explanation to give you some high-level overview about it and how to use it. All right. So I'll give you information on, okay, this is not just what your design is, but here's a little bit more detail. Go use it this way. Okay. 

So S is for surrender to your spirit, which includes understanding who you are as a spiritual being, but also learning about what is SQ, your spiritual quotient. There's 12 ways, Data Zohar wrote about this, about the spiritual quotient. And I teach people how to integrate being spiritually intelligent, spiritually intelligent into this. And she's a physicist and theorist who also teaches in the business realm. And she has a whole book on this. All right. S. 

P, pause. Pause means two things, stop doing things that don't work, and take a break, physically take a break. People need to do that. They need to just sit back and stop. And so what are you going to stop? You're going to take a physical break from something, but you're also going to figure out what is it in your life that's not working, that we're going to stop doing. And usually when I'm working with clients, we pick one thing. So they have support on that one thing. All right. Pause.

E, elevate your energy. So people talk about you have good or bad energy, and we all use that term. Well, Dr. Hawking's, also MD PhD, here's another doctor, came up with the levels of consciousness and putting them on a vibrational frequency, has done research in it. And there are really ways to elevate your energy. I use that information so people could figure out what are their low-level vibrations and how to let go of them. 

By the way, it's the low-level vibrations that end up allowing any kind of illness or injury to manifest in your body if you hold on to them long enough. You don't know that. So elevating your energy can get you well from a physical, mental and emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual standpoint. All right. So elevate your energy. 

C, commit to your values and boundaries. A lot of times, that's a big deal because we don't know how to set boundaries at all or what they are. We need values. And then T is trust and take action. And the trust part is learning how to trust yourself. And this is the step where I teach people how to understand their own intuitive senses. And because I am an intuitive and of course, I figured out a process on how to teach it to people because I am a scientist in the background, I help people understand what their intuitive sense feels like so they can really trust their gut. Because trusting your gut means that you have to make a decision from a totally different place without the physical evidence. 

There are two different ways of making decisions. And if you look at anyone that is a really great innovative mover shaker, they're going to tell you how much they trust their intuition. So if you read Jeff Bezos, if you read -- I'm listening to Elon Musk. If you read, what's the other guy, Steve Jobs, you can find their famous quotes about how intuition was the number one thing they trusted, but how do they get to trust their intuition? That's part of teaching the process because you want to step forward and do life differently. You cannot listen to anyone except yourself. Really, you know the answers, the answers are inside of you, but how do you access it and be confident enough about it to actually take action when everybody else might be saying something different? You got to be able to trust your own intuition. 

So that's again where human design comes in, because I can look at your design and say, okay, this is your type. This is how you access your intuition. Now, go out and try this because this is your type. And I can tell you this is how you access it. Now, let's practice that. So you see how I'm woo woo in one sense, but I have a process and some science behind it. And I'm sure your mind went to, I saw a study that blah, blah, blah about this, right, Dr. Richard?

Dr. Richard Shuster: 

You know what's really funny, I've talked about this on a number of shows is that I always had the skeptic’s mind. Right. And I've talked a lot about how my worldview changed after I broke my spine in a car accident 20 something years ago, because I was not healing, and I saw every doctor. And out of desperation and only desperation, I was willing to go see an acupuncturist, which was woo woo and nonsense. And that doesn't do anything. 

But this acupuncturist happened to have been a licensed physician who took a break from his practice and went overseas to study under a Chinese master and came back and integrated that into his practice. And I was lying on that table getting needles stuck in me, not believing it would work, but just desperate to be rid of the pain. And after the first session, when my pain threshold or not threshold, but my level of pain reduced drastically and my range of motion, which hadn't really changed in many months increased significantly, I was like, oh, my God. 

And I think part of this is we in the West are arrogant to a fault, and it's kind of like, why is baseball popular here but soccer is not as popular, but around the world, it's super popular? Because we didn't invent it. Right? Like we love our own stuff. And so I do know that the pendulum is starting to shift. I do know that as we kind of unravel quantum physics and have advancements there, we're starting to understand that there's something to energy and we're starting to understand that we all have these intuitive capabilities. But I am far more open to this now than I was, but because I had a personal experience. 

But I do think in general society is opening up themselves more to that. And you quoted a couple of people who have done some empirically based studies that point to the same thing, that there is something to this. So kudos to you for integrating these two very much yin and yang kind of things in a harmonious way that's helping a lot of people. I love what you're doing. And I knew that this would be the case because it was just such a fun conversation. Our time has absolutely flown by. 

And as you know, I wrap up every episode, Dr. Veronica, by asking my guests, just this one question, what is your biggest helping, that one most important piece of information you'd like somebody to walk away with after hearing our conversation today?

Dr. Veronica Anderson: 

Learn to trust your gut, and then trust it.

Dr. Richard Shuster: 

I love it. Succinct and to the point. Dr. Veronica, tell us where people can find out more about you online and get their hands on your book, which is now available everywhere.

Dr. Veronica Anderson:, And on my website are all kinds of goodies that you can get for free, including getting a Colby index if you want one, getting a human design with videos. Also getting a ward off colds and flu toolkit and just all kinds of things to help you get started down your path of where you think you want to go. And of course, I always love when people connect with me. Anyway, I'm all over social media. One of the best place is LinkedIn, all over social media. But where you can go and like kind of snoop around and find something that will help you. And I hope that you do.

Dr. Richard Shuster: 

Perfect. Please snoop around. For the snoopers listening, we're going to have everything Dr. Veronica in the show notes at so you can get your fix on goodies and hopefully dive in and begin that journey. So Dr. Veronica, this was awesome. Thanks so much for joining us today and sharing your wisdom with our audience.

Dr. Veronica Anderson: 

Thanks so much for having me, Dr. Richard. It was very delightful.

Dr. Richard Shuster: 

I appreciate it. And I also appreciate every one of you who took time out of your day to listen to this conversation. If you liked it, if you're inspired, if you want to start that journey, get fired up, get out of your podcast app of choice and leave a five star review because this is what helps other people find the show and hopefully begin their journey.

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