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227. Finding Balance & Success at Work, at Home & In Life with JM Ryerson

the daily helping podcast Oct 03, 2021

Today our expert guest is JM Ryerson. JM is an author, mindset coach, and host of Let’s Go Win podcast who has been building companies and leading sales teams for over 20 years. JM is the co-founder and CEO of Let’s Go Win, whose mission is to increase leadership, enhance culture, and help teams achieve peak performance.

After working with multiple companies to build teams in the financial services industry, JM realized that, while he wasn’t passionate about finance, he loved working with teams and thinking about leadership. He started writing his first book to teach his kids the lessons he’d learned so they wouldn’t have to make the same mistakes. That’s where the company Let’s Go Win started.

There is one simple thing that anyone can do to make your life better, even amidst a global pandemic: pay attention to what you’re feeding your brain. Are you waking up, turning on the news, and browsing social media? That is going to skew your mindset towards the negative. Those two things are not inherently bad, but you have to consume them on your own terms and carefully filter what you are taking in. You want your agenda to serve whatever you’re trying to accomplish.

What do you do when some of that input is coming from friends and family members? That’s where setting boundaries becomes important. This can be hard to do, especially with loved ones. It is important to clarify that you respect them and their choice, but that it isn’t the right choice for you. And, unfortunately, if the problem just isn’t being resolved or people are not respecting those boundaries, your solution is to start drifting away. Either the person in question will reach out, and you can explain what’s happening, and they will either change their ways to bring you back into their life or stay the same and you continue to drift. This is not easy, but when someone is having a net negative impact on your life it is always for the best.

Another technique that can improve your life is journaling. Write down your thoughts without fear of judgment. You will get the thoughts out of your head and they will start to make sense when you see them on paper. Either a problem will suddenly seem smaller, or an idea will stand out as something to explore further. Either way, getting it out of your brain allows you the space to explore it objectively.

Life is going to throw challenges our way. But when you look back, the biggest moments of growth always come from those challenging moments. If we can learn to embrace the suck, stop being surprised when adversity strikes, and take the opportunity to learn from it, we can transform our lives.

The Biggest Helping: Today’s Most Important Takeaway

“The most important thing is to be you. To be authentic. To be vulnerable and know who you are because trying to be someone you’re not takes a lot of energy. Everyone has a gift inside of them – I truly believe that. And if you allow it to shine through, those people that we want to lift us up, you will attract them if you bring your true, authentic self out. So take the mask off. That’s for a party; that’s not for living. Be you – and those that want to be around you, they are going to lift you up, they are going to embrace who you are, and allow your beautiful self to just flourish, help so many people around the world, instead of trying to look or act a certain way. And that would be the biggest helping I can give, is just be you. Because it is amazing. The world deserves to see it, and you deserve to show it.”

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