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280. Beyond Think & Grow Rich: What Napoleon Hill Doesn’t Tell Us about Success with John Mitchell

the daily helping podcast Oct 23, 2022

Napoleon Hill only gives us half the secret to success in his famous book, Think & Grow Rich—John Mitchell is here to give us the full secret. John is a serial entrepreneur who has created the top application in the world of the top success book in the world through a simple 12-minute a day exercise. He teaches the “Science Of Success” at the University of Texas.

He’d always had two goals in his life: One, to be financially successful enough that he wouldn’t have to work and to find the woman of his dreams. At 50, he was falling short of both of those goals. He decided he was going to take the best book in the world on success and apply it—word for word—to his life. But when he read it, he realized it only gave him half the secret. He immersed himself in that book for over two months and developed the second half to that secret, along with a 12-minute a day technique to apply it.

His technique rewires your autopilot, leverages your greatest self through science, improves your discipline, and gives you more control over your life.

Napoleon Hill teaches that everything starts with a thought. Your success is determined by the cumulative effect of your daily actions, and 95% of your daily actions are unconscious. But it doesn’t explain how to take control of your unconscious actions, which makes us feel out of control. The second half of that secret that John Mitchell uncovered is that whatever you envision in detail with emotion on a daily basis is what shows up in your life. 


The Biggest Helping: Today’s Most Important Takeaway

“Just think about, in your life, if 95% of your daily actions are unconscious, isn’t that the key to having a higher level of success by gaining control of those daily actions? Pretty simple.”



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