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Ep. 36: Attracting & Cultivating Relationships with Mentors | with Jon Berghoff

the daily helping podcast Feb 04, 2018

Today our expert guest is Jon Berghoff, a world-renowned experiential trainer and Co-Founder of the Flourishing Leadership Institute. I had the pleasure of meeting Jon at the Best Year Ever Blueprint Event – which he hosts with his close friend Hal Elrod, creator of The Miracle Morning – and I’m extremely grateful because both Jon and Hal have been influential in my own transformation.

Jon is featured in many episodes of the Achieve Your Goals Podcast (including this excellent episode on achieving your goals in 2018, which I highly recommend checking out), but in this conversation Jon shares his journey, and the many unexpected turns he took along the way, in a way that you’ve never heard before.

Many of us are familiar with Jon’s work at Vitamix (managing U.S. sales during their growth from $40 million to $175 million) and what he’s doing today with the Flourishing Leadership Institute, so we go back to find out what made him who he is today.

One of the most eye-opening parts of this conversation is when Jon shares his personal strategy for attracting and cultivating relationships with the mentors that he has had.

Cultivating mentors is something that we all need to actually take some ownership over, instead of just hoping that one stumbles into our lives – so we have to proactively create the conditions that will allow, and encourage, mentorship.

Jon’s formula can be broken down to three simple questions that you have to ask yourself:

  1. What mission am I on?
  2. What purpose is driving me?
  3. Who are the individuals that are ahead of me?

Finding a mentor isn’t all about you and what you get out of it – when you can align your mission with your mentor’s mission, and use your skills to further that mission, “it’s amazing what can happen.”

The Biggest Helping: Today’s Most Important Takeaway

“I think it would be an encouragement, an encouragement for people to find a way to push pause. And when I say find a way to push pause, this comes from system science… if you push pause on a machine in what’s called a simple system, it stops working. What we know about a human system, or an individual, is when we push pause, it actually starts working.”

“I’d encourage everybody to push pause, with the hope that in that space maybe you can become open to seeing things differently, open to appreciating people in a different way, and then ultimately open to the possibility and the potential that each of us can actually shape the future as it emerges. So, that would be my encouragement. Push Pause.”

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