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Ep. 39: Changing the World, One Lipstick at a Time | with Alexis Farah

the daily helping podcast Feb 25, 2018

Today our expert guest is Alexis Farah, Founder of Her goal is to raise awareness about beauty brands, influencers, and organizations working tirelessly to make the world a more beautiful place, while also sharing tangible steps for how you can get involved.

“Simply put, we want to change the world one lipstick at a time.”

You may be surprised to discover that I absolutely love her unique approach to transforming our world through random acts of kindness, making it more beautiful both literally and figuratively.

Alexis originally founded Random Acts of Lipstick because she saw a hole in the market. No one was curating content to raise awareness about the brands that are truly trying to make a difference; organizations with things like community outreach programs, significant donations, or a culture of volunteering.

The average person isn’t necessarily aware of which organizations are giving back, and which products they can buy that will actually produce a positive impact on the world – but they should be, and Alexis is leading the awareness vanguard!

These are some of the brands, organizations, and individuals that are most meaningful to Alexis:

  • Credo curates safe and healthy cosmetics on their online boutique and in their physical stores, and they donate 1% of every purchase to Lipstick Angels.
  • Golden Door is a spa with a skincare product line, and they donate 100% of the proceeds from their skincare products to children’s charities.
  • Thrive Causemetics has a one for one model, so they will donate one of every product that is purchased to a woman undergoing cancer treatment or domestic violence.
  • PHLUR is a high-end fragrance company that does a lot to ensure their practices are eco-friendly, and they are recognized by 1% For The Planet because they donate 1% of their annual net revenue worldwide.
  • Bren Gomez, founder of Beauty Piñata, is sending care packages to strangers in need.
  • Elan Bongiorno, makeup artist for Eva Longoria, is partnering with the Beauty Bus Foundation.
  • John Paul Mitchell Systems has a culture of giving, supporting 150 different charities.

Did Alexis inspire you to give back as much as she inspired me? If so, consider donating to one of Alexis’ favorite charities:

  • New Alternatives for Children – – NAC operates in NYC, founded on the belief that every child deserves a safe, nurturing home and a bright future.

The Biggest Helping: Today’s Most Important Takeaway

“It is so important to find a cause that you feel passionate about because that’s what will get you excited about doing it, and probably help you commit to the program long-term… A lot of people are intimidated by finding the organizations that are a fit with them, but there are so many nonprofits now that really let you customize a volunteer opportunity, donation opportunity, or a way you can get your whole company to do a day of volunteer work.”

“I encourage you to get on Google and see what kind of larger nonprofits offer customized experiences, because there is something for everybody.”

“If we all do our part to make the world a better place… well, gosh, wouldn’t that be wonderful?”

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