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Ep. 73: Maximize Your Wealth | with Rocky Lalvani

the daily helping podcast Oct 21, 2018

Today we’re talking with Rocky Lalvani. He is a wealth coach, he has his MBA, and is an enrolled agent at the IRS. He helps people who have financial success utilize their money to live a life of abundance, but not in the typical ways that you would expect from your run of the mill financial planner.

He is the millionaire-next-door. He started out with basically nothing when his parents came to the United States, when he was two years old and his dad was forty-two. It was his parents’ second big move in their lives; they were starting over to create that American Dream.

Rocky talks to people all over the world about helping them achieve their success faster than they could have otherwise. His viewpoint on financial success is so interesting. I can’t wait to share him with you.


“You have to be intentional throughout your whole life, saying “what do I want,” “how do I finance this,” and “how does my money support the life I want to live?””


In today’s episode, Rocky discusses a few important elements of true financial success: 




  • Find your purpose. Very often, we don’t know what we’re an expert in, because it’s so natural to us that we don’t even think twice about it.  Explore this with the people around you; what do THEY see as your expertise?
  • Intentionally manage your TIME, MONEY, and HEALTH. Without health, nothing else matters.
  • Build great relationships; utilize advice from those who have gone before you.
  • Maintain some kind of connection to the universe, whatever that means for you.


The Biggest Helping: Today’s Most Important Takeaway


“Leap with a parachute. What I mean by that is, go try something new, but don’t go do something that’s going to cause disaster in the rest of your life. And whatever that is, just take small steps, every day, to take a leap forward. Maybe it’s a meeting with someone to learn about a new area that you’re interested in. Maybe it’s going to a conference that is in a topic that you’d like to learn more about. Maybe it’s reading a book. Maybe it’s learning a new skill. Constantly leap, try new things, but minimize the risk. Don’t go out and buy a big apartment building when you’re just breaking into real estate, mortgaging your house and your entire future. Do things in small steps, and prevent the risks so that you can constantly move forward. Overcome your fears, and as you build up your muscles in doing things, the fear goes away, and you get confidence, and confidence in one area of your life crosses over to every other area of your life.”


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