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277. The Three Steps to Achieve Anything You Want with Joel Green

the daily helping podcast Oct 02, 2022

Joel Green is a former professional basketball player who, after retiring from his career, founded Pro Level Training, which grew into a seven-figure company. In addition, he’s the national director of Nike’s Sports Camps, an accomplished motivational speaker, and TEDx presenter.

Joel’s older brother put him on the path to basketball. He was already heading towards success, but he wasn’t as focused as he could have been. After the tragic and unexpected passing of his brother, Joel mademad a promise to take it all on himself and do as much as he could to be the best.

While Joel’s basketball career is impressive, it’s what he did after that defines him. He didn’t quit playing the game, like most athletes, because of an injury or because he was too old to keep up. Instead, he met a kid who would constantly ask him to work out with him. Joel kept declining, but he told the kid he could rebound for him. The kid was so appreciative, and Joel saw the impact this small gesture had on him, so he stepped away from the sport to get his business license.

Joel developed a concept calls “the three steps to achieve anything,” which he speaks on regularly:

  1. Have a childlike imagination and don’t limit your thinking
  2. Need your wants. The language you use impacts the way you act, so convince yourself you need what you want.
  3. Focus on the journey. If you’re focused on the end result, you overlook everything it takes to get to there.

In his new book “Filtering: The Way to Extract Strength from The Struggle,” he takes everything he has learned through his career and life to help people train their minds to deal with challenges, whether that’s loss, adversity, or striving for excellence.


The Biggest Helping: Today’s Most Important Takeaway

“Don’t be afraid of the dark. I would say that, and what I mean by that is life happens to all of us. Let’s not act like the dark moments didn’t happen. I daresay, the most successful people lean into those dark moments. They draw from those dark moments and use those things for motivation for themselves to make life that much brighter. But we can’t ignore those dark moments and sweep them under the rug and act like they didn’t happen. I would say lean into those dark moments that may have happened and don’t run from them. That’s when you’ll really see that there’s light within darkness.”



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