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282. Creating the Global “Vegan McDonald’s” with Jeffrey Harris

the daily helping podcast Nov 06, 2022

Jeffrey Harris has been after a plant-centered diet since he was 14 years old. When he realized there were no ubiquitous vegan fast food options around, he decided to chase that dream even when he felt like he didn’t know what he was doing. 

  • Jeffrey shares advice about why a vegan lifestyle can be good for our brains, bodies, minds, and even the environment.
  • We hear about the struggles Jeffrey faced when he had a dream, but no clear path—and how he carved out a way with the help of talented partners.
  • We get some sage life advice encouraging us to find our centered source of love and to follow our dreams.

Now, as one of the founders of Plant Power Fast Food, he is creating that dream every day alongside an excellent team—and he’s facing his sails toward the “next vegan sensation” stop next!

The Biggest Helping: Today’s Most Important Takeaway

“Be unlimited. It doesn’t mean you’re always going to succeed.  Behind the success of Plant Power [Fast Food] there were two or three attempts to do this, and then this finally happened. So, understand that you could do anything that you want to do. Set off on the journey, believe in yourself.”

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